Nau Mai, Piki Mai, Haere Mai ki te Roopu Ginseng o Aotearoa

Welcome to the New Zealand Ginseng Association website

The New Zealand Ginseng Association was established in 2016 by NZ ginseng growers to:

  • Support new and existing ginseng growers
  • Advocate for NZ ginseng growers
  • Gain China Market Access for NZ ginseng products
  • Promote New Zealand grown ginseng in world markets
  • Develop quality standards and a certification system for NZ grown Ginseng
  • Promote ginseng as a new NZ industry

 New Zealand Ginseng Association Board

The New Zealand Ginseng Association Board comprises four board members.

Glen Katu (Chair)

Glen Chen (Deputy Chair)

Kristin Katu (Secretary/Treasurer)

Xiaoying Fu

Daniel Benefield


The NZGA Board usually meets quarterly and is focussed on the following business activities:

  • To develop a set of standards for NZ ginseng
  • To investigate an appropriate Certification for growers
  • To gain China Market Access for NZ grown ginseng
  • To hold two yearly Ginseng Symposiums for ginseng growers
  • To raise funds to support the activities of the Association
  • To grow the membership base


Contact Information

Please contact the Secretary/Treasurer, Kristin Katu, for more information on the New Zealand Ginseng Association:

Phone: 022 350 5302                                                           


Contact Address:   New Zealand Ginseng Association, C/-  19 George Street, Hawera