We welcomes inquiries from individuals, businesses and organisations who believe in the potential of ginseng in New Zealand. We have opportunities available in ginseng growing, product development, distribution channels and retail. ​

KiwiSeng is a pioneering and innovative leader in the ginseng industry.

With the first plants sown in 2002, KiwiSeng is a New Zealand natural health products company backed by a strong New Zealand and Chinese heritage. We are committed to the development of innovative natural health and wellbeing products, backed by credible scientific research.

With around 80% of New Zealand’s wild-grown ginseng, KiwiSeng has the largest growing operation, the most diverse range of products and established distribution channels world-wide.

Since the early 2000's, KiwiSeng has heavily invested time and capital in ginseng crop establishment, growth and harvesting, ginsenoside research, new product development, branding, distribution and marketing. New Zealand is poised to become the fifth largest exporter of ginseng in the world and create an industry with significant export potential. Compared with every other ginseng producing country, New Zealand has the following significant advantages:

  • Volcanic soils, high UV light, rainfall, forest type, altitude, and few natural pests and diseases. 

  • Well-managed monoculture pine forests that have uniform age, management and growth characteristics. These forests provide an ideal growing environment and make it easy to manage ginseng as an understory crop.

  • An advanced food processing industry with strict standards.

  • An export sector that is focused on value-added primary products.

  • World-class forestry and food science research capability. 

  • Established velvet and Manuka honey industries – which are complementary products.

  • Government sectors committed to provincial growth, increasing the export potential and new product development.

  • A large and progressive tourism industry.

  • The value of ‘Brand New Zealand’.

Please contact us for business, investment and partnership opportunities.


The KiwiSeng Experience Centre will open in Rotorua.

The Experience Centre will give visitors the chance to view ginseng growing in a natural environment. Explore the healing power of nature through herbs.

The first of its kind in the world, the Experience Centre will feature a full immersion interactive experience, your chance to buy ginseng and other herbal products, a café, retail area, as well as conference and lifestyle opportunities.

Rotorua is a major visitor destination with 3.5 million visitors each year. 50% of New Zealand’s population lives within 3 hours of Rotorua. There is a strong emphasis on the natural forest environment, Maori culture, spa, health and wellness.

There are 3.42 million visits to attractions in Rotorua each year. 70% of visitors are from overseas with China being the largest market.


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