Our ginseng has all of the same characteristics of wild ginseng – with the same appearance and superior nutritional properties.

Since the early 2000's, we have grown ginseng under pine forests in the Central North Island of New Zealand.

We sourced the highest quality ginseng seeds from Mt Changbai, China and from North America. Our ginseng is grown under a high altitude forest under a snowy mountain with pure air, freshwater and rich volcanic soils.  

Our ginseng grows at the same latitude south as wild ginseng grows in the Northern Hemisphere. Because our ginseng is grown naturally over 15 years with no chemical inputs and little human intervention, it can be classified as wild ginseng.

We have spent more than a decade improving all aspects of the growth lifecycle. Ginseng is grown under planted pine forests where the trees are uniformly aged and managed, with known soil, weather and light conditions. This environment simulates the wild environments of China and Korea where ginseng originates – but with the management benefit of planting in a more controlled environment. This helps ensure consistency of growing volumes and product quality.   

KiwiSeng ginseng growing environment:

  • Naturally under trees in a high altitude pine forest.

  • No chemical inputs.

  • High-intensity UV rays.

  • In highly fertile light volcanic pumice soils that allow the roots plenty of room to grow.

  • Cold nights and hot summer days.

  • No natural pests and diseases.

  • Far away from any urban areas, with clean forest air and clean water.


Our ginseng is sown as seed under pine trees that are aged between 10 and 15 years of age. This age of stand offers optimal light conditions with around 20% of lighting reaching the forest floor.  

As an understory crop in pine forests, ginseng has no adverse effect on the trees themselves.

We use no fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

Our ginseng is grown for over 15 years under pine trees. During this time, the plant remains undisturbed. Ginseng is harvested as a whole plant with all leaves and berries harvested and the roots meticulously dug out of the ground with care taken to not damage the fine root tips.

BIOGRO No. 5460, All of our ginseng is certified ORGANIC since 2011 by New Zealand, Australia, the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

KiwiSeng has full BioGro New Zealand organic status. Certified Biogro Organic. The Biogro logo guarantees that our ginseng has not undergone genetic modification or received the routine use of synthetic pesticides. It is the mark of a genuine organic product. No machines are used in the growing of our ginseng, everything is done by hand.

Certified by BioGro to: Internationally Accredited Programme, BioGro, IFOAM, MPI OOAP – EU, MPI OOAP – Taiwan, MPI OOAP - USDA NOP, MPI OOAP – Japan, COR, MPI OOAP - Switzerland.


At KiwiSeng, we want everyone to experience the healthful benefits in all our products. We want everyone to feel good about our products and our business practices. We are committed to fully meeting the strong standards of quality and operating practices that are set by various international bodies. Here is a sampling of the types of certifications held by KiwiSeng in New Zealand. 

FERNMARK LICENCE NO. 100205. By carrying the Fernmark, KiwiSeng has been proven to reflect the essence of New Zealand. We are compliant with all NZ laws and relevant regulations, are of good character and repute, have a substantial level of New Zealand ownership and have been exporting for a minimum of 12 months.

BIOGRO No. 5460, All of our ginseng is certified ORGANIC since 2011 by New Zealand, Australia, the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia.

HACCP certification demonstrates our commitment to producing or trading in safe food. HACCP certification is an international standard defining the requirements for effective control of food safety. National Programme 3 is a high food control standard in NZ good for exporting.