Red Panax (Asian) Ginseng


Dedicated to the true ginseng enthusiast. Our whole dried red ginseng root is a premium quality ginseng product that is produced in New Zealand. Freshness is ensured with airtight packaging.

Our ginseng root contains high levels of bioactive ginsenosides.

  • New Zealand-grown 12+ year-old red Panax (Asian) ginseng
  • Premium wild grown
  • 100% natural
  • Rich in ginsenosides
  • Traditional Vitality Tonic
  • Certified organic

KiwiSeng ginseng is naturally grown in New Zealand forests with fresh air, pure spring water and fertile volcanic soil. It is hand-harvested and traditionally processed to preserve its key ingredients – ginsenosides, vitamins and minerals. 

This ginseng is a truly exclusive gift with a limited number produced each year. Ideal for those who appreciate the value and long esteemed history of ginseng.

Each ginseng is unique. Image shown here is indicative only. If there is any inconsistency between the image and the actual product you receive, the actual product will govern.

Professional technicians will go through three strict screenings according to the characteristics of ginseng's pearl points, shape and size, and then divide them into different grade.

The grade "Awesome" which are regarded as top treasures, with very little output and extremely precious.

Awesome: 2-3 whole red ginseng roots

Premium: 4-5 whole red ginseng roots

Good: 6-9 whole red ginseng roots

Suggested use in teas, cooking or as an additive in soups.

Take up to 0.5g each day each adult, or as advised by your healthcare professional. Cut ginseng into small slices and use hot water to infuse for up to 10 mins (0.5g slice with 100ml hot water). The same slice can be infused multiple times and eaten at the end.

Please store in a cool and dry place.